Dial In Broadcast Phone Number Has Changed

Our number for listeners to call in and listen live to Ave Maria Radio has changed.  Our new number is 605-562-0227.



The chaos continues in Venezuela and Civil War is a real possibility. This week the country’s top court accused several opposition lawmakers of treason following the failed uprising by Juan Guaido.

Check out this video for an explanation of the crisis in eight minutes.

The Church in Venezuela continues to fight for peace and justice. Venezuelan bishops met with Pope Francis last year and they have released a new video detailing what is happening there:

For further reading, check out “In Catholic solidarity with Venezuela”, stay tuned to Catholic News Agency or follow Alejandro Bermudez  and Cody Weddle on Twitter.

And to help provide clean water and other assistance to those suffering in Venezuela and around the world, check out our friends at Cross Catholic. 

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