A three-day feminist conclave last week shows that Trump’s pro-life policy is hitting abortion activists where it hurts: in the pocketbook.

At the Vancouver-hosted, semi-annual, Women Deliver conference, Deputy UN high commissioner for human rights Kate Gilmore gave a full-throated denunciation of President Trump’s pro-life foreign policy. She called U.S. foreign policy “extremist hate,” “torture,” and said the world’s women face a “crisis.” Christians who promote the legal protection of unborn human life, Gilmore said, pursue “an assault on truth, science and universal values and norms.”

Gilmore, like other speakers at the women’s conference, served up special vitriol for the Trump administration’s reinstatement and expansion of Mexico City Policy that prohibits U.S. foreign aid going to groups like Gilmore’s former employer, Amnesty International, when they choose to promote abortion. It was under Gilmore’s leadership that Amnesty began promoting abortion in 2007.

Gilmore has been a regular feature at Women Deliver since it started in 2007. As an activist, she was part of the 1990s network of abortion groups that began lobbying the UN’s human rights treaty bodies to reinterpret the conventions with abortion rights. Now she’s in bureaucratic control of the treaty bodies.

Last year, the Human Rights Committee, which monitors the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, went so far as to say that a right to abortion is found in the “right to life.” Pro-life groups condemned the move and urged the Trump administration to pull funding from OHCHR. Last year the administration indicated that it was considering such a move.

None of the 10 UN human rights committees have any authority to impose new obligations on nations. Yet six of them have done so by overstepping their mandates as defined in the treaties. Funding for the committee’s meetings, including travel expenses, come from Gilmore’s office, and now that funding seems to be in jeopardy.

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