Saint Ignatius of Loyola in the Spiritual Exercises — in the third week of the month retreat which is dedicated to the contemplation of the Passion of our Lord — accentuates the fact that Jesus suffered all in His Passion for me… This is very intimate and personal!

In other words, instead of viewing the Passion from afar, Saint Ignatius brings it to us right now.  Jesus suffered all of the details of His bitter passion for me.  The Agony in the Garden; the scourging at the pillar; His crowning with thorns with the insults, spitting, buffeting, punching and pounding, the carrying of the cross; the brutal crucifixion, the hours of agony as He hung on the cross, the profuse loss of His Precious Blood and suffocation — all of these excruciating sufferings and many more, He suffered for me!

If that were not enough, if you and I were the only person in the entire world, Jesus would have become Incarnate, lived and died accompanied with all of those gruesome and excruciating details and just for me and just for you. Still more Jesus would be willing to do it over and over, simply for love of me!

How great is the love of Jesus for all, but especially for you and for me.

Saint Faustina highlights in the Diary that love can be measured by one measuring-rod — the willingness to suffer for the loved one. No greater love ever existed than the love that Jesus manifested that Holy Thursday night and Good Friday — the day of His passion, crucifixion and death on the cross.

In moments of desolation it is good for all of us to recall how much Jesus really does love us by reflecting on His Passion that he underwent for me individually. Furthermore, most salutary is the contemplation of Jesus shedding His Precious Blood for the salvation of my immortal soul.

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