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Christian Classics – October 26, 2020

  • Description: Readings from timeless Christian literature and writings of the saints and doctors of the Church.

Kresta in the Afternoon – October 26, 2020 – Hour 1

+  Kresta Comments: Catholic Education (Faithful Citizenship series)

+  Why I'm Staying in Hong Kong

+  Kresta Comments: What We Know about Pope Francis’ Comments

Kresta in the Afternoon – October 26, 2020 – Hour 2

+  Lessons from President Carter (Full hour)

  • Description: It can be said that Jimmy Carter was the only president to live in three different centuries. His childhood on a rural farm may as well have been in the 19th century, his political career thrust him to the center of major events of the 20th, and his efforts on conflict resolution and global health set him on the cutting edge of the challenges of the twenty-first. On this improbable journey from "barefoot boy to global icon," he has remained steadfast in his faith. Jonathan Alter shares his story.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Jonathan Alter
      Jonathan Alter is an award-winning historian, columnist and documentary filmmaker and is the author most recently of His Very Best: Jimmy Carter, A Life. An MSNBC political analyst and former senior editor at Newsweek, he is also the author of three New York Times bestsellers: The Center Holds: Obama and His Enemies; The Promise: President Obama, Year One; and The Defining Moment: FDR's Hundred Days and the Triumph of Hope.
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    • His Very Best: Jimmy Carter, a Life

      From one of Americas most-respected journalists and modern historians comes the first full-length biography of Jimmy Carter, the thirty-ninth president of the United States and Nobel Prize–winning humanitarian. Jonathan Alter tells the epic story of an enigmatic man of faith and his improbable journey from barefoot boy to global icon. Alter paints an intimate and surprising portrait of the only president since Thomas Jefferson who can fairly be called a Renaissance Man, a complex figure—ridiculed and later revered—with a piercing intelligence, prickly intensity, and biting wit beneath the patented smile. Here is a moral exemplar for our times, a flawed but underrated president of decency and vision who was committed to telling the truth to the American people. Growing up in one of the meanest counties in the Jim Crow South, Carter is the only American president who essentially lived in three centuries: his early life on the farm in the 1920s without electricity or running water might as well have been in the nineteenth; his presidency put him at the center of major events in the twentieth; and his efforts on conflict resolution and global health set him on the cutting edge of the challenges of the twenty-first. Drawing on fresh archival material and five years of extensive access to Carter and his entire family, Alter traces how he evolved from a timid, bookish child—raised mostly by a black woman farmhand—into an ambitious naval nuclear engineer writing passionate, never-before-published love letters from sea to his wife and full partner, Rosalynn; a peanut farmer and civic leader whose guilt over staying silent during the civil rights movement and not confronting the white terrorism around him helped power his quest for racial justice at home and abroad; an obscure, born-again governor whose brilliant 1976 campaign demolished the racist wing of the Democratic Party and took him from zero percent to the presidency; a stubborn outsider who failed politically amid the bad economy of the 1970s and the seizure of American hostages in Iran but succeeded in engineering peace between Israel and Egypt, amassing a historic environmental record, moving the government from tokenism to diversity, setting a new global standard for human rights, and normalizing relations with China among other unheralded and far-sighted achievements. After leaving office, Carter eradicated diseases, built houses for the poor, and taught Sunday school into his mid-nineties. This engrossing, monumental biography will change our understanding of perhaps the most misunderstood president in American history. (learn more)

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Food for the Journey – October 26, 2020

  • Description: Sister Ann Shields believes there is a major disconnect in the lives of many Catholics: a separation between God's word and its application to our personal/daily lives.

More2Life – October 26, 2020: Fresh Start!

  • Description: Having a hard time staying peaceful? Stress, worry and anxiety getting you down? We'll help you feel refreshed. Dr. Greg and Lisa will help you solve your problems with relevant, relatable and achievable tools and solutions straight from the genius of the Theology of the Body. It is the life you were meant to live! To make a telecounseling appointment with Dr. Greg or one of his associates, call 740-266-6461.To make a telecounseling appointment with Dr. Greg or one of his associates, call 740-266-6461. To purchase Dr. Greg's books, please visit: http://www.exceptionalmarriages.com/shop/default.asp

+  Intro & Dr. Greg and Lisa take your calls

+  Dr. Greg & Lisa talk with their guest

  • Segment Guests:
    • John & Claire Grabowski

      Dr. John Grabovski serves at Catholic University of America as Associate Professor of Moral Theology with continuous tenure and the Director of the Moral Theology/ Ethics area. He and his wife Claire were appointed to the Pontifical Council for the Family by Pope Benedict XVI in the fall of 2009 where they continue to serve as a member couple. Together they are the authors of The Role of the Christian Family in the Modern World: Anniversary Edition, a popular commentary on Pope John Paul’s encyclical, Familiars Consortio.

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+  Dr. Greg & Lisa take your calls

+  Close

Catholic Connection – October 26, 2020 – Hour 2

+  Intro and News

+  Voting Today on Amy Coney Barrett and Election 2020 Next Week

  • Segment Guests:
    • Raymond Arroyo

      Raymond Arroyo is an internationally known, award-winning journalist, producer, and New York Times Bestselling author. As founding News Director, Lead Anchor and Managing Editor for EWTN News, he is seen in nearly 300 million homes on six continents each week, heard on Sirius Radio and on 300 of AM/FM affiliates. Mr. Arroyo established EWTN News in 1996, creating several programs including "The World Over Live" which he hosts from Washington DC.

    • Resources:

+  Voting Today on Amy Coney Barrett and Election 2020 Next Week

  • Description: Raymond Arroyo continued

+  "Two Crowns" - One-night-only release, TODAY Oct. 26, 2020

  • Description: "Two Crowns" is the first movie featuring the so far unknown, common facts from the life of Father Maximilian Kolbe, from his childhood up to the heroic decision to sacrifice his own life for a co-prisoner at Auschwitz. The documentary was prepared in Poland, Japan and Italy.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Oscar Delgado
      Associate Producer , Two Crowns

      Oscar Delgado is partner in OCE Films, and is currently the associate producer of the new film “Two Crowns.” He has worked in the media industry for 35 Years. He is a graduate of Marquette University (class of 1983) and began his career with NBC News, working his way up from Mexico City Bureau Chief to Latin American Bureau Chief and Senior War Producer/Correspondent for the network. Oscar covered the Bosnian war, El Salvador civil war and Gulf War I, among many other conflicts. He went on to produce the film “The Learning Curve,” released by MGM in 2001.

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+  Bible Verse of the Week

  • Description: Teresa and Gail discuss Romans 12:20 -- “If your enemy is hungry, give him something to eat. If he is thirsty give him something to drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals upon his head.”
  • Segment Guests:
    • Gail Buckley
      President & Founder , Catholic Scripture Study International
    • Resources:

Notes From Above – October 25, 2020: Masters of the Motet- Josef Gabriel Rheinberger

Church and Culture – October 24, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Description: Church and Culture engages all aspects of our culture with the aim of discussing "cultural apologetics."

Church and Culture – October 24, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Description: Church and Culture engages all aspects of our culture with the aim of discussing "cultural apologetics."

Mast Appeal – October 24, 2020

  • Description: Free, friendly advice from Coleen Kelly Mast.