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The Crucifixion of Jesus: A Medical Doctor Examines the Death and Resurrection of Christ


This ground-breaking work offers a unique apologetic argument for the validity of the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Dr. Bergeron’s medical expertise allows him to examine the medical aspects of Jesus’ death and as well as the “hallucination hypothesis” which attempts to discount Jesus’ resurrection.

This book explores the following areas:

? Jesus’ claim to be the son of God and the Messiah of Hebrew prophetic literature
? Evidence of the trustworthiness of the Gospel as reliable eyewitness testimony
? The social and political context leading up to Jesus’ execution
? Roman crucifixion practices in public executions
? Physiological mechanisms that ultimately led to Jesus’ death
? A medical analysis of hallucination hypotheses for the disciples’ belief in Jesus’ resurrection and the inability of hallucination to explain away the biblical accounts of Jesus’ resurrection

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