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In the last week several states have considered, and even passed, significant abortion legislation. On Friday legislators in Vermont passed measures to enshrine unrestricted abortion access in to law at any time for any reason during a pregnancy, and also advanced a measure that would make abortion a constitutional right. Most attention has been given to Georgia’s heartbeat bill and a law in Alabama that makes performing an abortion a felony offense. And in Michigan, the state House and Senate passed a bill outlawing dismemberment abortions. Governor Gretchen Whitmer has promised to veto it and Right to Life of Michigan is preparing for a petition drive; if they obtain 400,000 signatures the veto will be overturned. Monica Miller of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society joined a panel debate on Fox 2 Detroit’s Let it Rip to discuss these bills:

A note from Al:

I’ve appeared on Let it Rip a few times and have never seen anyone hold the floor as masterfully as Monica in the first segment. She told her story of discovering discarded babies and nobody dared break in.

So much is unsaid behind the proud statements of abortion champions. “I would never have an abortion myself.” Isn’t that an implicit putdown of women who do?  “My faith is against abortion (Oh, now look at magnanimous me) but I would never force my morality on anyone.”  How hypocritical. Most social justice issues are about imposing morality.  Would they ever say: “Let me insist that I am absolutely opposed to slavery. It is against my faith. But I would never think of forcing my morality on you or telling you can’t own a few. In fact, I’m of such a generous mind that I wouldn’t even oppose state funding for a slave if you really needed one.”

These men wouldn’t dare tell a woman what to do with her body? Even if she is dismembering another woman’s body? The abortion champions are on the horns of a dilemma. They don’t want to choose between the child’s life and the mother’s liberty. Consequently, they default to “it’s her choice.” How do you escape an inconvenient truth? Deny it. One mode of denial is to abdicate responsibility for choosing. “It’s not for me to decide if that’s a baby. Who am I to say?” By shifting the question to “who decides?”, they avoid answering the question of the good or evil that is being decided upon.

By saying, “It’s her choice” they also abandon the woman and leave her alone to commit this horrible, mean, coarsening, murderous act- an act they say they would never consent to in their personal lives. They abandon her when many women are bereft of hope, stripped of resources and lacking moral and emotional support.  Abortion is cruel to both baby and mother and leave it to the mother to bear alone.

Theologically speaking, abortion defenders exchange the objective truth of God for a lie. They redefine “baby” to “protoplasm.” They rid themselves of the beautiful, concrete person created by God in obedience to an abstraction called autonomy – i.e., being a law unto one’s self. Adam and Eve sinned after allowing the devil to re-define their death-dealing act as an act of emancipation.

The fight for human dignity has been long. It will be longer still. Whether we prevail in the courts or not, we have a duty as citizens of another Kingdom to bear witness to the truths and priorities of that King. Dr. Monica Miller models a pattern for us to follow.

The only argument her opponents consistently presented was: “It’s the law.” When your most powerful argument is “that’s the law. It’s the way we’ve been doing it for forty six years,“ you are running out of ammo. Now is not the time to slack off defending the unborn. I speak especially for those of us who have been in the fight for forty six years. It’s not time to leave it to another generation. It’s time to cooperate together and bear witness to the dignity of the human person. Those younger have more energy; those older have a wealth of experience to share.


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