Recently, someone complained to me that habits of political correctness and identity politics seemed to be creating an atmosphere where—to this person’s perspective—anyone might claim to be part of a protected class. “It’s open season on Christians, though,” the gentleman groused.

People like to say so, but—given examples of the very real, violent, and costly persecution that John Allen describes in his book The Global War on Christians—I’d suggest that we in America are experiencing something more akin to mild social bullying that is (at least for now) not even terribly widespread.

The day may come when Christians in North America face true persecution. How near or far off that day may be is anyone’s guess, but because genuine persecution is not currently being experienced in the United States, it grates on me when I hear a Christian take up the mantras and mentalities of victimhood that dominate our age.

“The world isn’t being nice to us,” makes me want to call the “whambulance” on Christians. It is a whine entirely of the world, and the antithesis of heroic witness—a single sentence that, uttered publicly, can undo whole lifetimes of evangelical effort. When I hear it, I bristle and say, “Buck up, champ, we didn’t sign on with Christ in order for the world to love us.” After all, “If the world hates you, realize that it hated me first,” said Jesus (John 15:18).

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