What’s more impressive than 2 million people walking down central Hong Kong demanding freedom? How about the scene where the human wave moved to the side in an orderly fashion to let an ambulance pass without anyone directing them?

How about before going home for the night, the young protesters stayed to ensure there was no litter left on the streets that 2 million people walked? How about that there was nothing, not a trash can, nor a car, nor a building, burned down, despite protesters’ emotions running high?

Anyone who has paid close attention to Hong Kong recently can’t help being in awe at how well-behaved the Hong Kong protesters, especially the youth, have been throughout the anti-extradition bill protests, which have gone on for two weeks now.

Journalists tweeted grateful messages to those who helped them:


What contributed to Hong Kongers, especially the youth’s, orderly, thoughtful, and dignified behavior? The outspoken Cardinal Joseph Zen credits the city’s prevalent Catholic school education. He is not exaggerating.

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