• Marathon man: The Catholic faith, and family, of Eliud Kipchoge

    Nairobi, Kenya, Oct 13, 2019 / 08:02 am (CNA).- On Saturday, Kenyan marathoner Eliud Kipchoge broke a finishing tape, and a barrier long-thought to be completely unbreakable. Kipchoge became the first person to run a marathon in less than two hours, finishing a 26.2 mile course in Vienna in 1... Read more
  • Syrian Christian to US Leaders: ‘Tell Turkey to Stop the Attack’

    QAMISHLI, Syria — With President Donald Trump’s sudden pullback of U.S. troops from northeast Syria Oct. 7, Turkey’s warplanes and artillery have bombarded cities and positions occupied by Kurdish forces who up to this point had counted on the U.S. as allies. Turkey’s invasion with... Read more
  • Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed

    The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Abiy Ahmed, the Ethiopian Prime Minister who helped end his country's 20-year war with Eritrea. Announcing the prize in Oslo, the Norwegian Nobel Committee said Abiy's "efforts deserve recognition and need encouragement." The conflict between... Read more
  • Cancelling Debts in Cancel Culture

    In a culture that has given itself over almost entirely to extreme moral accountability, mercy often appears dangerous and reckless. Eighteen-year-old Brandt Jean offered forgiveness to his brother Botham’s murderer during victim-impact statements last Wednesday. He, an African-American... Read more
  • Christians in Pakistan ‘give children Islamic names to avoid abuse in school’

    Religious bigotry in Pakistan schools is forcing Christian parents to give their children Islamic names – according to a bishop there. Bishop Samson Shukardin said minorities are 'considered infidels and they are depicted negatively' in school textbooks Religious bigotry in Pakistan schools... Read more
  • Scotland becomes first UK country to ban smacking

    Scotland has become the first country in the UK to make it a criminal offence for parents to smack their children. Under current legislation parents and carers can use "reasonable" force to discipline children. But on Thursday MSPs voted in favour of a smacking ban which would give children... Read more
  • He Hugged the Woman Who Shot His Brother: The Power of the Gospel in the Botham Embrace.

    Botham Jean was killed by Amber Guyger. The off-duty police officer walked into what she believed to her apartment and shot Botham. By now, many have seen the heart-wrenching story of Botham’s brother (Brandt) delivering a courtroom speech of love. He forgave Amber Guyger. He overflowed with... Read more
  • Here Are A Bunch Of Charts That Prove The World Is Better Than Ever

    In a recent column, I noted that young people like Greta Thunberg should be thankful for the uniquely peaceful and wealthy world they’ve inherited. Of course, whenever I write pieces that point out that life has vastly improved for billions of people despite climate change, angry... Read more
  • Maduro May Get Seat on UN Human Rights Council; ‘Perfect Example’ of Why US Withdrew

    With Nicolás Maduro’s regime in Venezuela likely to be handed a seat on the Human Rights Council in Geneva in two weeks’ time, a U.S. official says the absence of criteria barring the election of such rights violators onto the U.N.’s top human rights body provides a “perfect example”... Read more
  • DOJ backs Archdiocese of Indianapolis over firing of teacher for gay marriage

    Washington D.C., Sep 30, 2019 / 12:30 pm (CNA).- The Justice Department (DOJ) said on Friday that the Archdiocese of Indianapolis is protected by the First Amendment in its request that a Catholic school dismiss a teacher for publicly violating Church teaching after he entered a same-sex... Read more