• The Great Fruit of L’Arche Came Despite Jean Vanier’s Sins

    The revelation that Jean Vanier, founder of L’Arche and the associated Faith and Light movement, had sexual relationships with at least six women over some three decades elicits shock and pain on many levels. The misconduct was reported by L’Arche after an external... Read more
  • Coronavirus: How countries around the world are reacting to the outbreak

    As the coronavirus reached the soil of a sixth continent, countries around the globe have stepped up measures to contain the spread of the infectious disease. On Thursday, the global count of those infected hovered around 82,000, with 433 new cases reported... Read more
  • Wave of Attacks on Christians Documented Prior to President Trump’s Visit to India

    02/25/2020 India (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has documented at least 12 incidents of anti-Christian violence taking place in the days leading up to President Donald Trump’s two-day state visit to India. This wave of anti-Christian violence... Read more
  • A Teaching On Desire From St. Augustine

    Most of the saints have written about the central battle of our life: desire. What we desire is crucial because in the end, we get what we want. Either we die wanting what God offers, or we die not wanting it. Either we love what and whom God loves, or we don’t. We tend to think that... Read more
  • Why It’s so Hard to Escape America’s “Anti-Poverty” Programs

    One of the most common debates that has occurred in the United States for the past six decades is the discussion of the poverty rate. As the narrative goes, the US has an unusually high poverty rate compared to equivalent nations in the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and... Read more
  • Here we go again: The New York Times can’t admit it needs theologically astute writers

    Early last week, the New York Times posted an ad for a national correspondent for its religion, faith and values beat. It was part of a trifecta of hires of reporters *not* based in the Big Apple. One position is for someone to cover rural communities. Another is for someone to cover suburbs in... Read more
  • No Masses, Ash Wednesday liturgy in Korean archdiocese

    With reports of the Covid-19 virus spreading from religious gatherings, a South Korean archdiocese has suspended all Masses for three weeks and effectively cancelled Ash Wednesday liturgy — a week after Hong Kong Diocese took a similar decision. Archbishop Thaddeus Cho Hwan-kil of Daegu in... Read more
  • Miracle on Ice: 40 Years On

    Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of of us to understand,” said C.S. Lewis. And on a frigid night 40 years ago this weekend, the small letters were “U.S.A.” across the chest of a group... Read more
  • China’s Government Is Like Something out of 1984

    The Chinese Communist government increasingly poses an existential threat not just to its own 1.4 billion citizens but to the world at large. China is currently in a dangerously chaotic state. And why not, when a premodern authoritarian society leaps wildly into the brave new world of... Read more
  • 75 Years After Iwo Jima, Catholic War Hero Honored for Service

    Inside a U.S. Marine Corps post, a list of veterans from Staten Island who fought in the bloody battle of Iwo Jima can be found.   Every name is marked with an asterisk, representing those who died during World War II or since. All, except that of Nick... Read more