• Where Would the Faith of the Blind Man Lead Us?

    The blind beggar, from the Gospel of Luke, is sitting, waiting, by the side of the road. He hears the hustle and bustle of a crowd. Though blind, he feels the presence of divinity, and asks what it means. He hears that Jesus of Nazareth, the hope of his salvation, is present here and now. So, he... Read more
  • The Queenship of Mary is Deeply Rooted in Scripture

    Pope Pius XII established Aug. 22 as the Memorial of the Queenship of Mary in 1954; but Mary’s role as queen over the universal Church finds its roots in the Scriptures. At the Annunciation, the archangel Gabriel announced that Mary’s Son would rule forever on the throne of David. At... Read more
  • Beware the Hypocrisy of the “Spiritual but Not Religious”

    We live in the age of the designer God, when many claim the right to imagine and craft their own version of god. Some of them refer to it as “the god within.” Others call it “the god of my understanding.” Still others speak of “the Jesus I know.” A consistent feature of these... Read more
  • The Biblical Roots of the Assumption of Mary

    While the actual event of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven is not recorded in the Scriptures, there is a biblical basis for the teaching that, considered as a whole, confirms Catholic teaching as both fitting and in keeping with biblical principles. Let’s ponder this feast in stages: The... Read more
  • The Assumption Presumption and the Dormition Tradition

    On Aug. 15, Catholics celebrate the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Most years in most dioceses, the date is a holy day of obligation. The Church in her wisdom wants us to understand how important Mary is in our devotional life — and practicing Catholics are required... Read more
  • The Key to the Dreaded Ephesians’ Passage

    You’ve been there, sitting uncomfortably in the pew, waiting for the lector to read the dreaded Ephesians passage, the one that speaks the culturally anathema, “Wives be subject to your husbands…” Sometimes you notice that the offending passages have been delicately bracketed, so that... Read more
  • Bible Translation Projects Are Preserving Endangered Languages

    Bible translators have made it a priority to give people around the world the chance to study Scripture in their “heart language.” Even if Christians are able to understand another language, there are significant benefits to hearing the gospel in one’s mother tongue. It makes it easier to... Read more
  • The Mystery of Our Lord’s Ascension

    On Sunday the Church throughout much of the United States celebrates a mysterious event called the Ascension of the Lord. As I have said, the Ascension of the Lord is mysterious, and as such, at times misunderstood. Many people have come to believe that the Ascension of the Lord is about how,... Read more
  • The Striking and Bold Content of the Apostles’ Preaching

    The scene is Pentecost Sunday and Simon Peter has just received the Holy Spirit along with 120 others. A crowd has gathered, intrigued by the manifestation of the Spirit in the upper room. The door opens and out steps Simon Peter. He begins to proclaim Christ. After an initial summary of... Read more
  • Lent and the Challenge of the Gospel

    The Book of Genesis is a book of beginnings, a book of origins. From it we learn the beginning of creation, of humanity, and of the Israelites. The Israelites originate as a people from the great Old Testament patriarch Abraham and his wife Sarah. Abraham is called forth by God from the life... Read more