• The Threat of Free Speech in the University

    Free speech in a university is a very different thing from free speech in Congress or Parliament, freedom of the press, or free speech in the street. Each milieu has its own conventions and traditions, and each must protect its freedoms for its own purposes and with a view to its own... Read more
  • Bishop McElroy: Abortion and climate change both crucial, voters must be prudent

    Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego made a speech Thursday that attempted to explain his criticism of the elevation of abortion over other political issues. The speech, titled “Conscience, Candidates and Discipleship in Voting,” discussed the “moral nature and structure of the act of... Read more
  • The Democratic Party is telling millions of pro-lifers to get out

    Until recently, I spent much of my time working hard to elect Democrats to public office — but the early presidential campaigning pushed me away from the party, as well prompting my resignation from the board of Democrats for Life, where I had served since 2014. For someone who is... Read more
  • Senate acquits Trump on abuse of power, obstruction of Congress charges

    The Senate overwhelmingly acquitted President Trump on both articles of impeachment against him Wednesday afternoon following a brief trial, in a historic rejection of Democrats' claims that the president's Ukraine dealings and handling of congressional subpoenas merited his immediate removal... Read more
  • VP Pence and Pope Francis discuss US pro-life movement during Vatican meeting

    As the March for Life got underway in Washington, DC, Pope Francis and Vice President Mike Pence met in the Vatican Friday to discuss the Church's commitment to the pro-life movement. "It was a great privilege to spend time with Pope Francis and to be able to do so on a day that literally... Read more
  • President Trump Will Attend March for Life in Person, First President Ever to Join Pro-Lifers

    President Donald Trump will address the March for Life on Friday in live remarks to hundreds of thousands of pro-life people attending the event from across the country. He will be the first president ever to attend the March for Life in person, having addressed the March via video... Read more
  • Catholicism is even more local than politics

    It has been said that “all politics is local”, and this is a valuable axiom for winning public office. Unfortunately, after such victories, politics mostly proceeds from the top down. This creates a huge temptation to seek change by leaping over what is local in an effort to control... Read more
  • Cardinal Dolan supports priest who denied Joe Biden communion, but says he wouldn’t have done it

    The South Carolina priest who denied 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden communion based on his outwardly pro-choice platform was fully within his rights, but he might have been able to find a better way to solve the issue, Cardinal Timothy Dolan told "Fox & Friends"... Read more
  • After communion denial, what does Joe Biden think about abortion?

    Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s denial of reception of Holy Communion in South Carolina on Sunday has renewed scrutiny of his evolving views on abortion. Over the course of his decades-long career, the Catholic former vice president has said in the past that the Supreme Court decision... Read more
  • Biden reportedly denied communion at SC parish

    A South Carolina Catholic priest reportedly denied Holy Communion to  presidential candidate Joe Biden on Sunday, because of the candidate’s support for legal abortion. Fr. Robert Morey, pastor of St. Anthony Catholic Church in the Diocese of Charleston, South Carolina, reportedly denied... Read more