• U.S. Religious Freedom Ambassador Brownback: Release Prisoners of Conscience

     The U.S. religious freedom ambassador on Thursday called on governments to release prisoners of conscience during the new coronavirus pandemic. “In this time of pandemic, religious prisoners should be released.  We call on all governments around the world to do so,” Sam... Read more
  • Coronavirus brings crackdown on house churches in China

    Communist authorities in China are using efforts to control the coronavirus pandemic to step up enforcement action against Christians who worship in house churches, government insiders have told the human rights and religious freedom publication Bitter Winter.  China has been... Read more
  • Pakistani Christian Leaders Report Another Incident of Aid Being Denied to Christians

    Christian leaders in Pakistan are reporting another incident in which Christians were denied government food aid amid the COVID-19 crisis. This marks the second report of government aid being denied to minorities in Pakistan due to their religious identity. “A few days back there was an... Read more
  • My Persecuted Family in East Africa

    The first half of December 2019 is a blur to me. I covered at least 1,750 miles in less than two weeks, visiting some of the most remote areas I have ever seen. I drove for hours into the jun­gle, eventually walking when the roads ran out. But all of this traveling was worth it to me, as I... Read more
  • Iran Releases a Third of Christian Prisoners Due to Coronavirus Concerns

    Forced by the new coronavirus, Iran took the tiniest of steps to placate global advocacy for religious freedom. A temporary release of about 85,000 prisoners to curb the spread of COVID-19 disease included Ramiel Bet Tamraz, an Assyrian Christian serving a four-month... Read more
  • “Putting a Band-Aid on a jugular vein”

    Iran’s rapidly expanding coronavirus outbreak threatens not only Iranians but also a uniquely vulnerable population—the Middle East’s millions of refugees.  By early March Iran’s coronavirus death toll was the second highest outside China. A surge in cases across the Middle... Read more
  • Coronavirus Does Not Stop Church Demolition, Cross Removal in China

    While most churches in China have canceled in-person services due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, the Chinese government has not ceased its persecution against churches. A church in Guoyang County, Anhui Province saw its cross removed on March 13. A video shared by the Chinese... Read more
  • ‘Somebody is killed every day’: Bishop pleads for Christians to remember Ukraine

    A Ukrainian Catholic bishop has urged Christians not to forget their suffering brethren in that country. With global attention focused on the coronavirus outbreak, Bishop Stepan Sus said Christians in Ukraine are still enduring a years-long war with no end in sight. “Very often Ukraine is... Read more
  • ‘Let Nothing Disturb You’ — Syrian Priest and Former ISIS Hostage Finds Hope

    Father Jacques Mourad spent five months in the jails of Islamic State militants, in constant danger of death. One day after the Palmyra offensive, May 21, 2015, as the Syrian civil war had been raging for four years, Father Mourad, superior of the monastery of Mar Elian in... Read more
  • The Writing on Egypt’s Wall

    In the summer of 2018, a ludicrous string of events involving Egyptian blasphemy laws and mob rule cul­minated in the upheaval of an entire family. Egyptian authorities arrested Abd Adel Bebawy, a Coptic Christian, after he posted an image of God, the angel Gabriel, and a verse from the Quran... Read more