• SCOTUS Won’t Revive Alabama Law Banning Dismemberment Abortion

    The Supreme Court declined Friday to revive an Alabama law that would ban dismemberment abortions. The state was forced to appeal to the High Court after a lower court ruled that its 2016 Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act, which bans so-called “dilation and... Read more
  • Doctors promised disabled woman ‘new doll’ after planned forced abortion

    Following a decision by the Court of Appeals in England to overturn an order for a forced abortion on a disabled woman, new details have emerged about the case. Lawyers told the appeal court Monday that doctors had prepared the woman for the enforced abortion by promising her a new doll... Read more
  • UPDATE: Forced abortion decision overturned on appeal, according to reports

    UPDATE: On Monday a panel overturned a ruling ordering an abortion for a pregnant disabled women. Both stories are included below. Forced  abortion decision overturned on appeal, according to reports A controversial UK court decision to force a disabled woman to have an abortion has been... Read more
  • Unlikely Ally: Feminist Gloria Steinem Joins Fight Against Surrogacy

    Over the past few months, Jennifer Lahl has helped organize a coalition of New York groups that prevented the passage of a state bill that would legalize commercial surrogacy, entitled the Child-Parent Security Act. Lahl is the president of the Center for Bioethics and Culture, which... Read more
  • France divided over fate of brain-damaged man

    Last week, in a case which has divided France as Terri Schiavo’s did in the US, a Frenchman who has been in a vegetative state for more than 10 years had a last-minute reprieve from dying after doctors turned off his life support. It was turned back on pending further deliberations in the... Read more
  • Hope for Vincent Lambert As Court Orders Life Support to be Restored

    A severely disabled French man, who has been artificially fed and hydrated in a hospital in northeastern France for over 10 years, was taken off life support Monday, hours before the hospital was ordered by a French court to return the support. A French court had ruled in favor of euthanizing... Read more
  • Canada Court: Doctors Must Euthanize, Abort, or Refer

    The culture of death brooks no dissent. In Canada, doctors have been ordered to bend the knee. Here’s the story: The Canadian Charter (Constitution) guarantees “freedom of conscience and religion”— a stronger and more explicit protection of religious liberty than our First Amendment.... Read more
  • Belgian tug-of-war over euthanasia for mental illness and dementia

    Belgium’s leading advocate for euthanasia liberalisation is campaigning vigorously for euthanasia for people with dementia. According to the current euthanasia law, patients are only eligible if they are fully aware and competent. This can lead to distressing situations and must change, says... Read more
  • What does the Catholic Church teach about vaccines?

    More than 760 cases of measles have been reported in the United States this year, the CDC says. Currently, 23 states have been affected, with 60 new cases reported in the last week. The majority of cases have been concentrated in Orthodox Jewish communities in New York, with outbreaks in New... Read more
  • China Genetically Engineering Monkeys to be More Human

    When a Chinese scientist known as JK genetically engineered two children a bit ago, outrage was (temporarily) expressed. “The scientists” wrung their hands about the ethics of it all — but I suspect it’s all a con. They weren’t upset about what was done, but when, that is, before... Read more