• Rise in crimes against churches in France shock Catholics

    Vandalism, theft, arson and other increasing attacks on churches in France have led to debates about their causes, amid shock to the community, questions about the perpetrators, and debates over what the attacks might mean about French culture and the place of Christianity. “Those... Read more
  • Church in Eritrea dismayed by the nationalization of health facilities

    The Catholic Church in Eritrea says it is dismayed by the Eritrean Government’s response to the nationalization of twenty-nine health facilities across the country. In a statement translated from Tigrinya and made available to Vatican News through the office of the General Secretary of the... Read more
  • European nun killed in Central African Republic, where she taught local girls

    A 77-year-old European nun was found with her throat cut near her home in the Central African Republic Monday morning, Vatican News reported. The body of Sister Inés Nieves Sancho was discovered at her workshop in the village of Nola, which is part of the Diocese of Berberati. The... Read more
  • Another attack on a Catholic church: 4 faithful killed during Sunday mass

    Four people were killed in an attack on a Catholic church in northern Burkina Faso, perpetrated on Sunday 26 May, in Toulfé, a village about twenty kilometers from Titao, the capital of the northern province of Loroum. "The Christian community of Toulfe was the target of a terrorist attack... Read more
  • Hindu Nationalist Party’s Victory Renews Religious Minorities’ Fears in India

    Caution has become the watchword among Christians and secular groups in India in the wake of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist party’s victory in the country’s 17th national election. When the votes for the protracted election were counted May 23, the Bharatiya Janata... Read more
  • The martyrs of Burkina Faso: Know their names

    On Sunday May 12th, between 20 and 30 gunmen entered a Catholic church during Mass in Dablo, Burkina Faso, and started shooting the congregation. Six people, including Father Simeon Yampa, were killed. The attackers then set fire to the church with some worshipers still inside. Probably 95... Read more
  • MS-13 gang member suspected in Salvadoran priest’s death

    A priest has been shot and killed by a suspected gang member in El Salvador, Vatican News reported Sunday. His funeral was held today in Sonzacate, El Salvador. Father Cecilio Perez Cruz, 38, was pastor of San Jose La Majada Parish in Juayu, El Salvador, in the Diocese of Sosonate near the... Read more
  • Four killed in ambush on Catholic parade in Burkina Faso

    Four people were killed and a statue of the Virgin Mary was destroyed in an attack on parishioners during a religious procession in Burkina Faso, church officials told CNN on Wednesday. Unidentified armed men, who on Monday stopped a group of worshipers during a Catholic parade in... Read more
  • Vienna-based group logs attacks against European Christian churches

    MANCHESTER, United Kingdom - Vandals and thieves have damaged at least eight Christian churches in Germany since early April. Churches have also been attacked, apparently at random, in Scotland, England, France, Poland, Spain, Italy and Austria. The cases were logged by the Vienna-based... Read more
  • Another Sunday Church Attack in Burkina Faso Kills Six

    For the second time since Easter, a church in Burkina Faso has suffered a terrorism attack during Sunday services. This time, the target was a Catholic church in Dablo, where the priest and five worshipers were killed. This prompted a series of déjà vu headlinesamong global media outlets as... Read more