The South Carolina priest who denied 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden communion based on his outwardly pro-choice platform was fully within his rights, but he might have been able to find a better way to solve the issue, Cardinal Timothy Dolan told “Fox & Friends” Thursday.

Earlier this month, Biden and his wife attended Mass at the St. Anthony Catholic Church in Florence during a campaign stop and he was denied Holy Communion after the pastor felt Biden’s stance on abortion was at odds with the church’s teachings.

“I think that priest had a good point,” Dolan told Fox News. “You are publicly at odds with an issue of substance — critical substance. We’re talking about life and death in the church. You personally, out of integrity should not approach Holy Communion — because that implies that you’re in union with all the church beliefs.”

Dolan was also careful not to fully endorse the pastor’s actions and said he would have personally taken a different tack and used a more personal approach, rather than making a snap decision in the heat of the moment.

“I never have [denied someone Holy Communion],” Dolan said. “I’ve never had, what you might call the opportunity or never said, ‘uh-oh. Should I give him or her Holy Communion?’ It’s never come up. [It] sure could.”

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