• Could ‘Damien of the 20th Century’ Become Zimbabwe’s First Saint?

    HARARE, Zimbabwe — British-born John Bradburne, who died in Zimbabwe 40 years ago, could be on his way to becoming the country’s first canonized saint. Bradburne is a revered figure among the Catholic community in the landlocked southern African country of Zimbabwe. According to reports,... Read more
  • Pakistani court overturns blasphemy conviction of Muslim man

    Islamabad, Pakistan, Sep 27, 2019 / 02:30 pm (CNA).- Pakistan's Supreme Court acquitted a man Wednesday who was sentenced to death for blasphemy in 2002, saying there was a lack of evidence against him. Wajih-ul-Hassan was exonerated Sept. 25, with the court deciding that prosecutors hadn't... Read more
  • Laity Are at the Heart of Archbishop Chaput’s Legacy

    Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia marks his 75th birthday on Sept. 26. As canon law stipulates, he is expected to tender his resignation to Pope Francis, but whether it is accepted or set aside, the anniversary is a time for his closest collaborators to reflect on the legacy of the... Read more
  • Turning Sauls into Pauls

    A third of the way through the Book of Acts, a man named Saul takes over the narrative. Like Israel’s King Saul, this Saul is from the tribe of Benjamin. Like King Saul, this Saul persecutes a David: Jesus. Jesus proves greater than his ancestor. The first David eluded Saul long enough to... Read more
  • Why ever more priests are declining to become bishops

    This Friday, September 27, William Joensen will be ordained the new Bishop of Des Moines, Iowa. Fr Bill and I have taught together for more than 10 years at the annual Tertio Millennio Seminar on the Free Society in Kraków, so I know the good people of Des Moines have been blessed with their... Read more
  • Women searching for answers after 2k fetal remains found in home of former SB doctor

    SOUTH BEND — Women in our area are coming forward, wondering if remains found at an abortion doctor's home are related to them. They were found when Dr. Ulrich Klopfer died earlier this month. Klopfer performed thousands of abortions at clinics in South Bend, Fort Wayne, and Gary. As we... Read more
  • Diocese of Lansing Releases Names of Credibly Accused Priests

    On September 27, 2019 the Diocese of Lansing released the names of priests who had been credibly accused of abuse of minors in the Diocese. Ave Maria Radio, which broadcasts from Ann Arbor within the Diocese of Lansing, attended the press conference where the names were released. Listen to... Read more
  • Friday Funny: Prodigal Son Kicked Back Out After Old Tweets Surface

    There was a certain man who had two sons, and the younger son demanded his inheritance and then wasted it all in a distant country. When the son came crawling back, begging for forgiveness, the father made a huge celebration to mark the return of his prodigal son. But that celebration was cut... Read more
  • Strong Words from St. Augustine to those Who Would Be Shepherds

    St. Augustine, reflecting on a text from Ezekiel, has some strong words for those who would be shepherds, be they bishops, priests, or deacons. Let’s examine two important observations he made during a longer sermon delivered to the priests and people of Hippo. He begins with a lament over... Read more
  • Italy’s Top Court Approves Assisted Suicide in Certain Cases

    The Italian constitutional court ruled on Wednesday that assisted suicide is legal in certain situations, a momentous ruling on a case that has captured public attention in Italy for years. The ruling came in favor of pro-euthanasia activist Marco Cappato, a member of Italy’s Radical... Read more