• Dallas Charter Culture and the Covington Controversy

    How could the bishops of Kentucky get it so wrong? It’s partly another consequence of the sexual-abuse crisis, wherein the protocols for handling allegations have created an environment where immediate action precedes investigation. That post-Dallas Charter culture is well-known inside the... Read more
  • Bishops Wring Their Hands at the Whirlwind of Hell

    Several years ago, after a course I had taught on Church history, my students presented me with a gift. It was an eight-inch-tall action figure of Pope Innocent III they had purchased from a novelty store in Frankenmuth, MI. A pope of the thirteenth century, Innocent III—besides approving... Read more
  • Court dismisses challenge to Asia Bibi blasphemy acquittal

    Islamabad, Pakistan, Jan 29, 2019 / 05:07 am (CNA/EWTN News).- A petition to overturn last year’s acquittal of blasphemy charges against Catholic wife and mother Asia Bibi was dismissed by Pakistan’s Supreme Court Tuesday. The challenge was dismissed Jan. 29 by a three-member Supreme... Read more
  • The Feast of Candlemas/Presentation in the Temple

    If Candlemas be fair and bright; Winter has another flight. If Candlemas brings clouds and rain; Winter will not come again.                     Old English saying Background If this sentiment seems familiar to you it is because it is very close to what is said about its... Read more
  • Pope Francis Outlines Key Priorities for February Sex-Abuse Summit

    ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE — Pope Francis said Monday that he sensed “inflated expectation” surrounding the Vatican’s February sex-abuse summit and outlined his specific aims for the meeting. Speaking on the papal flight returning from Panama, the Pope said he wanted the world’s bishops... Read more
  • Five Remedies for Sorrow from St. Thomas Aquinas

    One doesn’t usually go to the St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica for advice on emotional matters. But for the feast of St. Thomas we shall indeed go there to seek advice on sorrow and consider some of St. Thomas’ remedies for it. (His advice is contained primarily in the Prima... Read more
  • New York, Abortion and a Short Route to Chaos

    It was the celebration that was particularly galling. On the 46th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, signed into law a protocol that gives practically unrestricted access to abortion, permitting the killing of an unborn child up until the moment... Read more
  • Philippines shows folly of ‘Casablanca defense’ on anti-Christian violence

    ROME - A bombing on Sunday at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Jolo, the capital of Sulu Province in the southern Philippines, left 20 people dead and 81 wounded. One of the IEDs exploded inside the church as Mass was going on, while another went off in the parking lot outside where... Read more
  • What Explains the Growth of Fake News?

    Recently we saw, within just a couple days, two particularly egregious cases of mainstream media journalists and commentators frenetically trumpeting dubious news stories that were quickly debunked. The first was the anonymously sourced story from Buzzfeed News claiming that hard evidence... Read more
  • Pope condemns bombing of Philippines cathedral as ‘terrorist attack’

    PANAMA CITY (Reuters) - Pope Francis on Sunday condemned the twin bombings that killed at least 20 people during a Catholic Church service in the Philippines as a “terrorist attack” and prayed that God would convert the hearts of those who carried it out. The attack also wounded 81 and... Read more