• A dozen Christian villages in Nigeria wiped out in four-day killing spree

    Most of the victims were in their homes sleeping when the attacks began … when Muslim Fulani militant herdsmen began their killing spree in Nigeria that lasted four days, Thursday through Sunday evening and into Monday. In only days, a dozen villages in Nigeria’s Plateau state were wiped... Read more
  • The Atheist Who Made the Doors of St. Peter’s Basilica

    It sounds like an urban legend—or more simply a tall tale back from the days of the ancient Saint Peter’s Basilica—but in fact, it’s true. And much more recent: The renowned Italian artist Manzù (who happened to be a Communist and an avowed atheist) was commissioned to do a set of... Read more
  • Saints Peter and Paul: “One wins by cross, and one by sword”

    June 29 has been observed as the solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul at least since the days of Saint Augustine, as we know from his homily for the occasion, now part of the Office of Readings in the Liturgy of the Hours. Aside from this being my name-day, I have had a predilection for this feast... Read more
  • Evangelization’s Essential Ingredient

    Ignoring or minimizing the Holy Spirit’s role in the New Evangelization is like setting out to make fresh bread by gathering all the ingredients and preheating the oven—but ignoring the yeast and wondering why the bread won’t rise. Or like planning a trip by packing the trunk, putting the... Read more
  • Five Lessons on Faith From Peter’s Time in Jail

    On today’s Feast of Saints Peter and Paul it behooves us to look in detail at the first reading from today’s Mass and see in it a kind of roadmap to growing in faith. Peter’s story and experience were not just for him; they were for us as well. Let’s see what we can learn as we focus on... Read more
  • Women’s Rights ‘Experts’ Rank US in Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries for Women — Seriously

    Suggesting that many of the world’s most grave problems have been solved, experts in women’s rights from around the world rank the United States among the 10 most dangerous countries for women. Sadly, however, issues such as female genital mutilation, arranged marriage, rape as a weapon... Read more
  • Masked, armed men attack chancery in Nicaragua

    Matagalpa, Nicaragua, Jun 28, 2018 / 03:22 pm (ACI Prensa).- The pastoral center of the Diocese of Matagalpa in central Nicaragua, whose bishop is currently in Rome to inform the pope of the situation in his country, was attacked by men armed with machetes on Tuesday. Two months of protests... Read more
  • Local leaders offer prayers after shooting at Annapolis newspaper

    The Archdiocese of Baltimore offered their prayers for the victims and first responders of a shooting at an Annapolis newspaper on Thursday afternoon. A suspect is in custody after an active shooter was reported at the Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland around 2:30 p.m. Eastern... Read more
  • Anthony Kennedy: Reagan’s Worst Mistake

    The year was 1987. It was fall. It was November 11. It had been a tough year for President Ronald Reagan. Liberals were going bonkers with Iran-Contra as a hopeful tool to destroy a great president on the verge of winning the Cold War. The media was dubbing Iran-Contra the worst mistake of... Read more
  • Canadian Top Court Renders ‘Severe Blow’ to Religious Freedom in Trinity Western Case

    OTTAWA, Canada — Hailed a triumph by gender-identity activists, a recent Supreme Court of Canada decision is being described as a “severe blow” to religious freedom in Canada and throughout the West by critics. By a majority 7-2 decision June 15, Canada’s highest court upheld the... Read more